One dead and dozens injured in a Grand Canyon tourist bus overturn


One person died, two were in critical condition, and 40 others were hospitalized after a tour bus capsized in the Grand Canyon 70 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

A bus operated by a Las Vegas-based company carrying 48 people, including the driver, was heading to the Grand Canyon West when the bus capsized near mile 5 on Diamond Bar Road in Meadview, Arizona, at around 12:20 pm. To a statement issued by the mayor’s office of Mojave County.

The sheriff’s office said that a person was declared dead at the scene.

Forty others were transported by ambulances to Kingman Regional Medical Center.

A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office said the cause of the crash was not yet known, but the firefighting official who responded said speed appeared to be a factor. They shared any other vehicles.

It was a badly damaged bus. “It slid down the road really well, so there was a lot of debris,” said Tim Bonnie, head of the Lake Mojave Ranchus Fire District. “Just to put it in perspective, on a scale of zero to 10, and eight.”

Bonnie said that none of the passengers were thrown out of the car, but they were all in shock.

“Many of them said that the bus driver was driving at high speed,” he said.

The Red Cross said in a tweet on Twitter that they were monitoring the situation. It was not clear if the Red Cross responded to the scene.

The region has witnessed at least three tourist bus accidents in recent years, two of which resulted in deaths.

In October 2010, two passengers died and several others were injured in a Las Vegas tourist bus crash bound for the Skywalk in Grand Canyon West in northwest Arizona.

In July 2010, several people were injured after a car collided with a tour bus in the Grand Canyon on US Highway 93 at Pierce Ferry Road, 48 miles south of Boulder.

In January 2009, seven people were killed and nine others injured after a tour bus carrying Chinese tourists overturned 27 miles south of the Hoover Dam.

The Grand Canyon west, just outside the boundaries of the national park, is in the Hualapai Reserve. It’s famous for the Skywalk, a glass bridge that juts 70 feet from the canyon walls and gives visitors a view of the Colorado River at a depth of 4,000 feet.


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