At least 31 people have died in storm-related incidents.


Officials said at least 31 people have died in eight states that swept across the United States this week, with officials saying the car crash and carbon monoxide poisoning accounted for several deaths.
In Houston, a woman and a girl died of carbon monoxide poisoning when a car was left in a garage to generate heat, police said. A homeless man Also found dead On an overpass. And a man who was found dead on a median in Midtown Houston Fear of dying of extreme cold, Harris County Sheriff said.
According to local news reports, a grandmother and three children, who were without power, were killed in Sugar Land in a power house, Texas. After weather-related deaths, the medical examiner’s office in Galveston, Texas, requested a temporary morgue trailer on, as the region entered its third night of freezing temperatures.
In southern Louisiana, a man died after slipping on ice and hitting his head, authorities said, and a 10-year-old boy in Tennessee died after falling into an icy pond. San Antonio officials said weather conditions contributed to the death of the 78-year-old man.
Slippery roads were responsible for 10 deaths in Kentucky and Texas, including a pileup last week in Fort Worth, involving more than 100 vehicles and killing six people. A Mississippi man was killed when his car overturned on an icy road.
In Missouri, a 59-year-old man died when a snowplow collided with a pickup truck afternoon. Similarly, a man was killed in Cleveland after re-terminating a snowplow.
In Toledo, Ohio, a man using an ATV plowed his driveway and was killed when he drove into an SUV.
A man who exited a vehicle after a car crash in Houston Killed and killed.
In Oregon, four people died of carbon monoxide poisoning over the weekend, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Said. While no details about the death were given, officials warned people not to use generators inside their homes.
a 39-year-old man was killed and two others were injured when the car they were on was on the left side of the road and hit a streetlight in Edgecliffe Village, Texas, the Tarant County Sheriff’s Office said. It said investigators have not ruled out weather conditions as possible reasons.
The weather-driven destruction this week did not just come from snow and ice; In coastal North Carolina, a hurricane killed three people early in the morning and injured at least 10 others, although it was unclear whether it was related to the meteorological storm.


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