3 killed, 2 injured in the US-93 plane crash, Nevada


Three people are killed and two others injured after a US-93 plane crashed 27 miles north of Wales, Nevada

A Nevada Highway Patrol responded to the crash at around 6:15 p.m., learning that four vehicles were involved, shutting down both north and south lanes.

According to the NHP, the white Dodge Ram pickup was heading south on US-93 toward Wells as it began to go north lanes, creating a U-Haul sideways swerving.

Behind the U-Haul was a small blue Ram truck, as well as a gray Toyota Tacoma pickup. The white Dodge Ram pickup continued driving south in the lanes heading north, hitting the front of the blue Ram truck.

A white Dodge Ram turned in the middle of the highway and collided with the gray Toyota Tacoma at the same time, causing it to turn on its right side.

The white Dodge Ram driver and two people in the blue ram were announced at the scene. White Dodge Ram driver was identified as 24-year-old Sterling Jay Price from Visalia, California.

The two people in Ram Blue have been identified as Ramon Miguel Pena, 25, and Brian Mendoza, 25, who are both from Susanville, California.A passenger in a white Dodge Ram sustained a non-life threatening injury and was evacuated from the accident. A child in a blue Ram truck sustained life-threatening injuries and is still in critical condition.


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