A man armed with a knife bullet was killed by police in Seattle Waterfront


A man is shot dead by police after officers responded to a person in crisis at Seattle Waterfront late at night. Police said the man was armed with a knife when he approached the officers.
It’s the second fatal shooting of Seattle police in the past week.
According to Seattle Police, it happened on Alaska Road around 9:30 PM.
A spokesperson for the Social Democratic Party said that a man was reported to be in crisis and was holding a kitchen knife after cutting himself.
When the officers arrived, the man set off on the Alaska Road. Officers tried to get closer to the man and use a less lethal tool, but were unsuccessful.
The man moved towards the officers, and soon after the officers shot and shot the man. He died at the scene of the accident.
The SPD said the officers involved had been put on paid administrative leave for each management protocol.
The Police Accountability Office, the Inspector General’s Office and the Seattle Police Force Investigation Team are investigating. SPD says body camera shots will be released within three days.


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