3 dead as a result of shooting in Saint Pete’s house


Police arrested a wanted suspect in a murder case after investigators said he had shot and killed three people in a house in Saint Petersburg.
Officers and the SWAT team responded to the scene at 2,900 blocks of Emerson Avenue South before 4 PM. afternoon. Saint Pete Police said a woman claimed she was shot and ran to a neighbor’s house.
Officers learned that there may have been other victims of the indoor shooting with the suspected gunman.
Investigators identified the gunman as Cornelius “Corn Bread” Whitfield, 31, who is already suspected of another murder.
Police evacuated neighboring houses and dispatched a rapid reaction team, which demolished the front wall of the house in order to reach the victims.
Inside the house, officers found the bodies of three adult victims, and arrested Whitfield
A two-year-old girl was found alive and unharmed inside the house.


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