2 killed in a plane crash near Rock County Airport


Two people died in a plane crash near the South Wisconsin Regional Airport in Rock County.

The plane crashed at about 9:20 AM along the edge of Happy Hollow Park, a wooded area about one mile south of the airport.

Emergency crews said the remote location made their response difficult. They approached the area from land and water and were able to reach the plane by air boat.

“There was a lot of water. It’s very low-lying area.” Troy Knudson, Sheriff of Rock County, said during a briefing on the accident, “The trees were falling and of course with the snow, making it difficult for individuals to move around.”

The plane was discovered partially submerged in mud and water.

The death of the passengers on the plane was announced at the scene. Their identities will be released at a later time pending notification of the family.

The plane crashed about a minute after taking off from the airport. At this time, someone on the plane called the airport tower about an undisclosed problem. The authorities did not share details of that letter during the press conference.

The circumstances were clear at the time of the accident.

The crew said it appeared that the plane hit several trees during the crash due to the location of the wreckage which crashed. There was also no evidence of a fire at the site.

The authorities described the plane as “experimental” and “unique” in its design.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office will protect the scene until federal investigators arrive. Then the scene is handed over to the National Transportation Safety Board.


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