2 dead and one injured in a murder and probable suicide in Jacksonville


A man and a woman were killed and another man wounded after a shooting in a house at 9500 Block of WaterShed Drive in Westside, the city, Sheriff Jacksonville’s office said.

Police said officers were called shortly before 9 a.m. to the Walkers Hamlet division of the West Beaver Street in the Whitehouse community.

Lieutenant J.D. Stronko said that all of them were found inside the house with gunshot wounds. The SWAT unit was called in to vacate the dorm as a precaution, but the three were the only ones there.

“We are investigating the possibility that it was murder and suicide, but we don’t know it conclusively,” Strunko said. “… there are no witnesses I know at this time.”

He said that a weapon was found at the scene, but that other weapons may be present. The condition of the wounded man, who was taken to hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, is unknown, Strunko said.

The police would not mention the relationship between the victims, other than what each other knew. It is also not known if the three live in the house.

In the past year, there have been two suicide murders in Jacksonville and three attempts, according to Times-Union Records.


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