Snow emergencies issued in Ohio


Several northeastern Ohio counties issue snow emergencies to prepare residents, especially drivers, for the winter weather affecting the area.
The latest weather alerts are here
Here is the list so far:

Erie County – Level 3
Huron County – Level 2
Lorraine County – Level 2
Sandusky County – Level 2
Summit County – Level 1
Here is what each level means, according to the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness:
Level 1: Roads are dangerous with blowing and snowing snow. The roads may also be icy. Motorists are urged to drive with extreme caution.
Level 2: Roads are dangerous with blowing and snowing snow. The roads can also be very snowy. Only those who feel the need to drive should be on the roads. Contact your employer to find out if you must come to work. Motorists should be extremely careful.
Level 3: All roads are closed to non-operating personnel in an emergency. No one should drive during these circumstances unless there is an extreme necessity to travel or there is a personal emergency. All employees should contact the employer to find out if they should come to work. Those who travel on the roads may be arrested.


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