A woman killed and a woman jailed after a brawl over a political banner


A woman died and another held in prison for investigation into a murder after an altercation over an alleged theft of a political signal.

Skagit County Sheriffs’ Office deputies were called to a house on Big Lake Road around 5:30 PM. To a report on a quarrel, according to the sheriff’s office. Skagit Valley Herald reported that they received a second call from a man who said his friend had been shot.

On reaching the scene, representatives found a 32-year-old woman from Arlington dead in the driveway, the statement said. The report said that the residents of the house, a 58-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman, went out to speak to the MPs.

The preliminary investigation confirmed that the deceased woman and the couple did not know each other, but that the fighting began due to the theft of a political sign, according to the statement.

The 55-year-old was detained at the Community Justice Center in Skagit County for investigation into a second degree murder, while her 58-year-old husband was arrested for investigating a fourth degree assault, according to the statement.


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