2 shoot killed in austel


Cobb police are investigating a shooting incident near Ostel where they said a man shot and killed two people, one of whom was eight.
Officer Chines Barner, a spokesman for the Cobb County Police Department, said the police responded at around 8:30 p.m. To a report on someone shot at a house on Peel Castle Lane. They found three men with gunshot wounds, and they were all taken to hospital.
Sgt. Wayne Delk told MDJ that one of the men shot an adult and happened, he has since died. Delk said shooter Jeremy Mattis shot himself.
Dilk said in a statement that the residents of the house who died were Dreon Mattis, 31, and an eight-year-old boy. The shooter, Jeremy Mattis, remains in the hospital in critical condition.


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