A woman shot, killed in a suicide, giving birth to a child


A pregnant woman was killed in a suicide that apparently killed her in Scottsboro, but her baby was born safely.

Scottsboro police responded to a suspicious car that stopped at the intersection of Maple Street and North Houston Street around 6:15 a.m. On arrival, officers discovered two dead people inside the vehicle with fatal gunshot wounds.

The head of the Scottsboro firefighting team, Jane Nicklaus, said the first responders quickly determined that the woman was in an advanced state of pregnancy, and that the fetus might still be viable.

Nicklaus said they immediately called for measures to start to keep blood and oxygen flowing. “Basically a case of CPR,” he said.

Nicklaus said medics took the woman to the Highlands Medical Center where a four-pound baby was born less than an hour after its discovery. Then the child was taken to Huntsville Hospital.

Police believe the accident was a suicide. The investigation is ongoing.The two dead were identified as Amber Michelle Coffman, 35, and Owen Deanglo Williamson, 33, both from Hollywood


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