Saving an unborn baby. A pregnant woman in Alabama murdered and committed suicide


Police said a woman who was pregnant in Alabama was killed in a suspected suicide – but paramedics and doctors miraculously managed to save her unborn baby.

Police in Scottsboro responded to a call from a suspicious car that stopped on a road early Wednesday and found two dead people with gunshot wounds, including 35-year-old Amber Michael Kaufman, who was eight months pregnant, police said.

Owen Dingle Williamson, 33, a friend of Kaufman’s for more than two years, was the other person to be found fatal by a bullet in the car, according to police.

Captain Eric Dühring said that first responders “acted very quickly” at the scene and took Kaufman to the Highlands Medical Center, where her baby was born.

After that, the newborn was transferred to Huntsville Hospital for further treatment and is still listed in critical condition, Dühring said.

Dühring said he did not know the baby’s gender, but Kaufman gave birth to a four-pound boy less than an hour after the police responded to the scene.

“They have made an immediate call to start measures to keep blood and oxygen flowing,” said Jane Nicklaus, head of the Skotboro fire brigade, of the first responders. “Basically a case of CPR.”

Dühring said the couple were driving in two cars and then stopped at a stop sign before the suspected murder.

“The investigation is still ongoing,” he said, adding that investigators had not yet determined the motive.

Dühring said police in neighboring Hollywood, where Kaufman and Williamson live, have no reports of domestic violence related to them. He refused to reveal the type of rifle used in the shooting.

Coffman’s Facebook profile indicates that she has been in a relationship with Williamson since October 2018. Just hours before the shooting, she asked for “prayers” from friends and loved ones.

The painful post read, “Without questions … Please pray for our family.”

Meanwhile, Williamson posted a picture on Facebook last month of Kaufman’s belly growing at 29 weeks, saying he was excited about the birth of their baby.

“I am ready!!!” Williamson wrote in response.

“I am more prepared !!!” Kaufman wrote again.

Then one of the women replied, “How sad it is.” “You will never be able to meet him.”

People magazine reported that the murder and suicide came just days after the death of Williamson’s aunt.


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