A man dies after a police chase in a stolen patrol car ends in an accident with a large platform


A man is killed after a police chase in a stolen patrol car ended in a collision with 18 wheels.

Haskell County Sheriff David Halliburton said one of his deputies called a car around 10:15 p.m. In a roadside park in Haskell.

For some reason, the driver took off and drove the police on a chase north on Highway 277 toward Weinert.

Law enforcement eventually posted the spike strips causing damage to the front tires.

The car stopped at John Deere.

Haskell County MPs and officers from Haskell Police Department and Stamford surrounded the car.

At one point, the suspect was sprinkled with pepper.

But Halliburton said the suspect was still able to steal a Haskell Police Department patrol vehicle and take off south on Highway 277.

The officers fired eight shots at the car.

About two miles later, the driver collided head-on with 18 wheels.

He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by the Jones County Investigator.The suspect’s name has not been revealed


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