Texas father shoots and kills an intruder carrying two children at gunpoint


According to local reports, a father of two in Texas shot dead one of the three intruders who entered his home and detained his family at gunpoint.

The next day, the house on 18th Street in Port Arthur was an apparent target of fire at around 6 PM, and a few hours later a fire was reported there around midnight, according to Port Arthur News.

Port Arthur Police said armed suspect Terence Ellis, 27, died at the scene of aggravated theft after entering with two other armed suspects, police say they may have known about the homeowners by force while a resident woman was arriving, police said.

The owner of the house fired several shots at the suspect, who announced his death at the scene. The other two suspects fled the area before the officers arrived,” Sgt. Shannon Mo told the executor.

The gunmen held the family at gunpoint before the owner of the house shot and killed Elis with a rifle “to protect his young children,” Sgt. Chris Billiot said.

No one was at home during the shooting or shooting that destroyed a bedroom. The cause of the fire is suspicious, Port Arthur Police Detachment. Mike Hebert said to the port.

“We want the public to know that we don’t feel that this is just random business where people go and do heavy burglary,” Hebert said. “The evidence shows that they know each other.”

Port Arthur Police Department Criminal Investigations are looking into the accident and are questioning witnesses.

A local resident suggested that the accident may have been gang-related.

“That’s what it is,” he told the newspaper. “Our law enforcement will not say what it is all about. Everything is about gangs. [Criminals] get together and steal and steal. The detectives know what it is. They are not willing to get out of their comfort zone.”

Hebert did not say whether the accident was related to the gang or not.

“These investigations are like a puzzle, and we have to put the parts together,” he said.


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