5 killed dozens injured in 100 car pileup on icy Texas interstate


Officials said a backlog of 100 vehicles killed five people, injured dozens and halted traffic on a slippery road in Texas.

Mike Dreyfried, a spokesman for the Fort Worth Fire Department, said authorities will go to each vehicle to assess medical needs after a “mass casualty incident” that included tractor, trailers and other vehicles on Highway 35. The highway will be closed all day “to remove vehicles one by one.” ,” He said.

The spokesman stated that 36 people were taken to hospitals with varying degrees of injuries. Authorities had to use life’s jaws to unlock the chariots and free those trapped inside.

A previous video posted on social media shows a tractor trailer slipping at high speed in traffic. The accident led to a collision with others and released some vehicles into the air.

The accumulation occurred as freezing rain and sleet throughout the night caused dangerous driving conditions during peak morning commuting. Fort Worth is subject to its winter weather advisory until midday local time, according to the National Weather Service.

“We still have a very active scene,” said Fort Worth police officer Daniel Segura.


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