Shooting at Minnesota Health Clinic


A horrific attack on a clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota involved multiple bombs and at least one active shooter. The police have one suspect in custody, but no one yet knows if any more were implicated or what the motive was. “This is a major and dangerous incident” with many casualties, including victims in critical circumstances:

Gunshots erupted at a health clinic in Wright County, followed by a bomb blast, and at least five people were reported injured.

The scene is the Alina Health Clinic at Buffalo on Crossroads Campus Drive, according to police, who are called there around 10:55 a.m.

Up to five people were said to be injured, and a suspected man was arrested, according to the emergency voice message.

An air ambulance transported a woman wounded by three gunshots to North Memorial Health Hospital in Robinsdale, where two others were transported; Emergency medical personnel were heard saying during the audio transmission. The sound continued to transport two more people to the Buffalo Hospital, which Alina runs.

About 30 minutes later, a bomb exploded in the Family Medicine and Urgent Care clinic, the voice of the transmission revealed. The sound continued to force the responding emergency medical personnel to relocate.

Police also responded to a local Super 8 hotel near the clinic regarding a report of a suspicious parcel. That was a response of “great doubt,” indicating a serious threat. So far Alina does not have a statement about the events, but maybe they will try to assess the situation first.

So far there appears to be no more information. For those wondering about Buffalo, it’s about an hour west of the Twin Cities, relatively off the beaten track. It will not be considered part of the metro area, but it is not far from it either. It is a small city, with a population of less than 20,000 residents as of 2019, and Wikipedia ranks it as the 65th city in the state.


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