Las Vegas man shot dead attempted to steal a firearm


A police official said that a man shot and killed by a Las Vegas police officer and three shooting range employees attempted to steal a pistol inside the facility before attacking and wounding the officer’s patrol partner with a screwdriver in the parking lot.

Clark County Sheriff’s Assistant Brett Zimmerman told reporters that Marvin Payton Jr., 27, was hit 14 times by a bullet and died outside Ring 702.

Payton’s birthplace was not mentioned in the Clark County Coroner’s report.

Police officer Andrew Nguyen fired nine shots. Zimmerman said it was not clear how many shots the staff fired.

The injured officer was treated in a hospital while he was recovering from stab wounds and a broken face. Her name has not been announced.

Nguyen, a 34-year-old police officer since 2018, has been placed on paid leave pending a review by the Attorney General and Administration of the shooting.

The names of the personnel involved in the shooting were not released. They have not been charged with a crime.

“Their participation actually helped our officer and it could have saved the officer’s life,” Zimmerman said.

The surveillance video released by the police showed that the deadly confrontation quickly unfolded, and Zimmerman said the officers had not activated the body’s video cameras.

Zimmerman said that the police were called after a gun owner who was studying in a classroom reported that Payton had tried to steal his rifle from a bag.

Several employees escorted Payton outside, as the video shows Payton holding a screwdriver and swinging the officers, beating one of them.


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