Several people were shot in a Minnesota clinic, one in custody


Several people were shot at a Minnesota health clinic and one person was subsequently detained, police said. The shooting took place at Alina’s clinic in Buffalo, a city of about 15,000 people 40 miles northwest of Minneapolis, Kelly Prestige, director of the Buffalo Police Department office, told The Associated Press. Prestige said one person has been taken into custody, but she does not know if it is the shooter. She also said she had no additional information about the attack, including how many people were shot or if anyone was killed.

The Wright County Police Department and Buffalo Police are scheduled to hold a press conference at 4 pm. EST.

Police Chief Pat Bodek said the shooting took place inside the Alina Clinic Crossroads campus. He said that the situation was contained shortly before noon and there was no further threat to the safety of the public.

North Memorial Health spokeswoman Abigail Greenhick said many of the victims were taken to her hospital in Robinsdale. She did not mention their number or their condition. Allina Health spokesperson Timothy Burke declined to say whether any victims had been taken to Buffalo Hospital.

The Minnesota State Patrol has tweeted patrol pilots who were transporting six boxes of blood from the Red Cross to Buffalo Hospital for accident victims.

State patrol pilots ferry six boxes of blood from the Red Cross to the Buffalo Hospital, so it’s ready for the victims of the shooting accident at Alina Health Clinic.

FBI spokesman Kevin Smith said the agency’s bomb technicians were on their way to the scene, but he could not confirm media reports about a possible bomb or explosion at the clinic.

Spokesmen for the agencies said that members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Control and special agents from the State Criminal Detention Office had gone to the scene.

Television footage of a helicopter captured nearly two hours after the accident showed that there was no activity in the clinic, but at least three shattered glass windows could be seen on the outside of the clinic.

The Midwest Medical Examination Office, which deals with cases in Wright County, had no comment on whether it sent anyone to the scene.

A spokesman for the state’s Department of Public Health said it was not immediately known if the clinic was providing COVID-19 vaccines.


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