Schools plan for possibility of remote learning into fall as pandemic continues


(AP/WJW) — After seeing two academic years thrown off course by the pandemic, school leaders around the country are planning for the possibility of more distance learning next fall at the start of yet another school year.

President Joe Biden has made reopening schools a top priority, but administrators say there is much to consider as new strains of the coronavirus appear and teachers, who are now eligible for the vaccine in Ohio, wait their turn for vaccinations.

And while many parents are demanding that schools fully reopen, others say they won’t feel safe sending children back to classrooms until vaccines are available to even young students.

Last week, however, the Centers for Disease Control announced that even if not all teachers and school employees are vaccinated, there is a way for districts to return students to the classroom safely:

In Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine has said his goal is to return all students to the classroom, fully or in a hybrid capacity, by the start of March.


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