2 children killed and one wounded in Toledo


Two children – two boys ages 1 to 5 – and a 4-year-old boy were killed in critical condition after a shooting in an apartment complex in south Toledo, police said.

The accident occurred in the 800th district of Bayernport Road, where police arrested Kevin Moore, 27. He has been charged with premeditated murder and gruesome assault, Police Lieutenant Daniel Gerkin, of the Investigation Services Division, said in a statement.

The lieutenant said that Mr. Moore is a friend of the children’s mother.

Toledo police and medical personnel were sent there after 5 PM. On an emergency call. Officers found the children in the apartment with gunshot wounds. They were transferred to ProMedica Hospital Toledo.

Some residents of the complex peeked out of their windows, but few, if any, ventured outside in the bitter cold of winter. City councilor Cersandra Macpherson went to the scene and chatted with people there. She said she felt compelled to go, and also had to go through other murder scenes recently, to show the family and residents that she cared.

“We have to understand this thing.” Reflecting on the violence in 2020 that has continued until now in 2021, she said, “It’s totally out of control. This train works, it just works. How do we get it derailed? How do we stop that? How do we redirect it? “

She said the incident involving young children is another new wave of tragedy and heartbreak that has left her and society as a whole in a state of constant exhaustion. She herself has attended a number of funerals recently for those killed in gun violence.

“We cannot reach the point of helplessness and despair because they are our children,” said Ms. Macpherson. “We as a society must stand together and fight this.”

Kevin Moore Less than two hours after the shooting, police officials – who had arrested an officer a week earlier – posted some details on their social media accounts.

Please pray for these victims, their families, and first responders who have been there tonight. This was a really sad day for our community, ”they said on Facebook.

Lieutenant Gerkin and the Lucas County Coroner’s Office withheld the boys’ names Friday night. An autopsy is scheduled.

Dr. Thomas Blomquist, deputy pathologist, said the surviving victim had been taken to CS Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

No other details were known about the circumstances of the shooting. It happened in the middle unit of a five-unit block on the east side of the sprawling Bernport apartment complex. The housing group is arranged in a square with a few in the middle.

Police cordoned off the entire area with cruisers stationed at the Bernport intersection with the airport expressway and in the complex loop lane itself. An hour after the shooting, five or six patrol cars remained at the scene, but the police presence diminished slightly after Lieutenant Gerkin spoke to reporters. However, many investigators worked at the scene of the accident for at least another several hours at night.

The fifth and sixth deaths from homicides in Toledo were in 2021. There was a record 61 murders in the city in 2020, but the first of that year was not recorded until February 6.

The horrific incident occurred three months after the Triple Murder on November 5 in the Old West End. D’Angelo Porter, 24, is accused in that case of killing Tyrone Orsi Jr., 23, Gary Witcher, 39, Diana Hemon, 41, and wounding Twinsha Jones, 21, and Carlya Davis, 24.

Mr. Porter was charged on November 30 at the Lucas County General Court of Appeals for a total of 12 counts: three counts of aggravated manslaughter, three counts of murder, and six counts of second-degree felonies. Each issue also carries firearm specifications. He is being held without support and will appear again for a hearing on February 24th.

It also happened days after Toledo arrested Police Officer Brandon Stocker, who was killed by a man suspected of vandalizing a cathedral in central Toledo and opening fire on police after they tried to end the confrontation with tear gas. . The suspect, Christopher Harris, whose relatives said he was mentally ill, also died when other officers fired back.


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