One killed in Car-to-car shooting on a California street


Police said a car-to-car shooting on MacArthur Street in Santa Anna killed a man and three men in custody facing murder and gang charges.

The shooting occurred near the 1600 block of W. MacArthur around 9:12 PM. At least two witnesses said they saw a green SUV speeding east alongside a gray BMW. They both said they heard gunshots, and saw a BMW stop suddenly. The green SUV turned to go south on Bear Street.

When the police arrived, they found an unresponsive BMW driver who had been shot in the chest. A woman in the passenger seat was not injured. The man was taken to a local hospital but passed away.

Santa Anna police officers who responded saw a green Chevrolet Trailblazer in the same area, driving north on Harbor Boulevard away from Warner Street. They stopped the car and took three men inside Santa Anna police headquarters.

Santa Ana homicide investigators interviewed the men, then arrested them all on suspicion of murder, assault and gang charges.

Police officials said the Orange County District Attorney’s office approved the charges, although it is not clear if they have been formally charged yet.

Police identified these as 22-year-old Alfredo Evan Polido, Lionel Diaz and Jason Garcia, both of whom were 21 years old. All of them are from Santa Anna.

The reservation records of the Orange County Police Department were not immediately available to any of the men.

Police said the victim had been hit by several bullets in his torso. It has not been recognized yet.

One of the witnesses said they heard five gunshots before the car exploded.

Besides the gang charges, there was no specific information about why the suspects had targeted the victim.


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