North Carolina Man shoots 3 police officers as 2 children in the home with dead woman


There were two children inside the house where a man shot 3 police officers during High Point

Confrontation. An examiner said that a woman died inside for 8 to 10 hours

Police have revealed the name of the woman who was found dead after an encounter with a man at a house on West English Road in High Point.

The confrontation started after 11:15 PM, and the officers were on a routine patrol when they heard gunshots.

Investigators were able to identify footage of a house in Building 2900 off West English Road where they saw a man on the front porch.

Police say the suspect, 34-year-old Jozo Drummond Cruz, was standing near the road cursing

Drumond-Cruz came home and then brought out an AR-15 rifle with a drum magazine.

The police say he pointed the gun at the officers and then returned home.

The investigators obtained an arrest warrant and a home search warrant and returned home to ask Drummond Cruz to surrender peacefully.

During the negotiations, officers discovered that there were at least two women and two children in the house.

At around 3:40 am, police say Drummond Cruz opened fire on the High Point officers as they entered


Three members of the High Point Police Department tactical team were shot.

Officers began shooting while trying to take the three wounded officers to safety.

One of them was injured in the hand, another in the shoulder, and the third in the leg.

The Police Department says that the three officers are expected to recover from their injuries. The three have been discharged from hospital and are recovering at home.

For the next several hours, Drummond Cruz continued firing at the police from inside the house.

At around 10:15 a.m., Drummond Cruz shot the Greensboro police officers and the officers fired back, killing him.

Police then managed to go to the house where they found the body of Blanca E. Cadaved, from High Point. According to the coroner, she had died for 8 to 10 hours before being found.

Police also found two children in the house. Neither of them was injured.


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