A 15-year-old girl killed in a speeding car shooting in Wisconsin


A 15-year-old girl was fatally shot in the Jean Talon area of ​​Montreal. Wisconsin

At around 6 pm, two passengers in a car parked on Valdumber Street near Jan Talon were talking to a group of people standing outside the car.

A second car approached and fired. A 15-year-old female passenger was injured in the car and was taken to hospital in critical condition, where she later died of her wounds.

One of the young men standing next to the car was also injured. He escaped from the scene but was found a short distance away, collapsing from his wounds. He was taken to hospital in critical condition.

The masked suspects fled the scene with their car.

The police have not released the motive for the attack. Police spokesman Raphael Bergeron said they would check the local surveillance video as part of their investigation.

This is the fifth murder committed during the year in Montreal. The investigation has been handed over to the Major Crimes Unit.


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