3 teenagers accused of capital homicide in 17-year-old’s killing


Three 16-year-old young ladies are accused of capital homicide in the passing of a 17-year-old young lady whose body was found in an Alabama River, police said.

Montgomery police said the youngsters were being held without bond in the killing of Lesley Luna Pantaleon, who was most recently seen alive, media sources detailed. Her body was found in water close to the city’s air terminal, police said.

Ta’Niya Merriweather, Erin Taylor and Tyeshia Whisenant, the entirety of Montgomery, were accused of homicide during a theft, court records appeared. Media sources detailed that the three were charged as grown-ups, and police said they were associated with a battle with Pantaleon.

Court records didn’t list guard lawyers for any of the three, who were expected in court for an underlying hearing.

Pantaleon’s folks detailed her missing, when she was most recently seen driving a vehicle in Montgomery.

Specialists have not said how Pantaleon passed on.


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