The World War II veteran is celebrating his 100th birthday by getting a COVID-19 vaccine


A WWII veteran in Tennessee celebrated his 100th birthday, and says he continues his fight for freedom by vaccinating against a virus that has afflicted the world.

Tom Harris celebrated the big day with his wife of 75 years old side by side.

Both are residents of the Morning Point community. Tom is a retired teacher and he and his wife lived in Clarksville for many years. Together they have a daughter, a grandson and two grandchildren.

On Tom’s 100th birthday, I asked him and Neil to meet for a photo and he said, with his smart smile, “She can only crawl on my lap.” I’m sure their marriage was very successful because the two are still laughing at each other and keeping a spark between them, ”said life enrichment director McKinsey Scott.

Harris both received their first COVID-19 vaccine and plans to get their final dose on Valentine’s Day.

Harris was awarded France’s highest honor for his service in the Army there and was one of the first landings on Normandy Beach on D-Day.

“I would say it is a huge honor to care about a man like Tom; a man who fought for our country, loved his wife for 70 years or more, and watched so many things in his 100 years of age. I feel fortunate just by the opportunity to be a part of his life. He’s a quiet guy, but if you listen to him he often has something funny up his sleeve. He’s a really nice guy. “


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