Italian cruise ship full of Corona virus heading to Florida


The successful crossing of the giant Italian passenger ship Costa diamond for the Egyptian Suez Canal shipping channel coming from Dubai port on its way to Florida, which carries 65 positive conditions with the Corona virus.

The Suez Canal Authority carried out the transit and guided the ship remotely without the intervention of any navigation crew from the staff of the Suez Canal Authority for fear of injury, through a guide crew on two accompanying locomotives and full coordination with the movement’s offices and navigation control stations in a precedent that is the first of its kind in the history of the channel

The ship, which can accommodate about 3 thousand passengers, was on a trip around the world that includes Italy, which the program was recently changed to avoid, flying to the United States to anchor in Florida, and passenger’s tour in Miami, Orlando, and Pensacola.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health had decided that no one would board a ship or get off one of its crew after informing the captain of the ship that there were 65 cases COVID-19 of corona virus infection in the ship.

The ship was crossed by taking unusual measures and measures, as the ship was entered at four in the morning with a time preceding the appointment of the southern convoy, in addition to appointing three of the authority’s senior guides for remote guidance and guidance from the two accompanying ships

One in front and the other in the back to direct the ship in addition to the radar guidance in coordination with the traffic offices and navigation control stations along the channel


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