A man killed in road rage, origin


Police said a 28-year-old man was killed in the road accident, police said.

Michael David Moore died after being run over by a Chevy Tahoe truck driver at around 11:27 am in North Bend, origin

In a press release, County Prosecutor R. Paul Fraser said that Moore was apparently deliberately struck. Fraser said an autopsy showed Moore died as a result of severe injuries to his chest and abdomen.

The Kos County Major Crime Team and the coos County Crash Team are investigating North Bend Police.

Investigations have so far revealed an initial scuffle in downtown North Bend, police said. Moore was a passenger in a black Ford Ranger pickup and after the melee, the ranger was followed by people in a Chevy Tahoe and what was initially reported as a Honda red front.

Fraser said in a press release that it was instead a Toyota Camry that also followed the Ranger.

During the chase, a Ford Ranger hit a brake and could no longer be driven.

Police said Moore then got out of the car and encountered the Tahoe driver. The controversy continues and police say the Tahoe driver drove over the Moore, crashed into a house and drove away.

Police have located the Tahoe nearby, and police say a witness indicated that the Tahoe driver had fled in the Camry. The goalkeeper and Tahoe have since been detained. A Camry was found abandoned in a remote rural area of ​​North coos County, Fraser said.

Fraser said investigators are looking for Joshua Thompson, 40, who was last known to live in an agent, as well as a Camry driver. The police described Thompson as a VIP.


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