1 of 3 prisoners escaped from Missouri prison was captured


Federal authorities said that one of three prisoners who escaped from a prison in southeast Missouri was arrested in New Mexico.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Tracy Brown, 57, was arrested late Wednesday night at a gas station in Carrizuzo, New Mexico. The other two fugitives, Dwight Abernathy, 36, and Samuel Gillam, 35, were still at large.

Officials said the three escaped from Iron County Jail on January 15 or 16 by moving a large wall and climbing into an attic and escaping through an old office. Earlier in the week, Iron County Sheriff Geoff Burkett said that authorities believed the men were likely still in the area, but the US Marshall Service said Brown told investigators after his arrest that the three had driven into Colorado together and separated in Denver.

Officials said Brown was jailed for burglary at the time of his escape. Abernathy was in custody for assault and sodomy, and Gillam for kidnapping.

A $ 5,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest of Abernathy and Gillam.


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