3 dead, including a gunman, after storming a house in Wisconsin


Three people were killed, including a man who exchanged fire with lawmakers after a house was stormed in eastern Wisconsin, authorities said.

Authorities said someone at a home in the town of Qiwascom called 911 after a man broke into his way to the Washington County home and demanded car keys. Then the man shot one of the residents of the house before the officers arrived.

Officials said a neighbor who heard the gunfire called 911 to report a man carrying a pistol was walking towards his or her home. Sharif’s deputies arrived and exchanged fire with the man who fled afterward.

Officers set up a perimeter and searched for the man using a drone, and eventually found him in the area. He died of his gunshot wounds and a pistol was found nearby.

While searching for nearby properties, SS officers found another person who had died of visible gunshot wounds, According To sheriff’s officials


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