3 bodies of found buried in a major avalanche in Colorado


The bodies of three countryside skiers buried in a major avalanche in southwestern Colorado have been found under more than 20 feet (6 meters) of ice debris.

The bodies of the skiers, which were found with the help of avalanche beacons, were left at the site between the towns of Silverton and Ophir because bad weather prevented a helicopter from pulling them out of the rugged terrain, the San Juan County Emergency Office said the administration.

The slide occurred in an area known locally as The Nose, and the continued danger of an avalanche in the area hampered researchers’ efforts to find skiers. A fourth skater was found by rescuers and only lightly injured.

Eagle County and Eagle County officials have identified skiers who died as county employees Seth Bossong, Andy Jason and Adam Palmer, co-founder of the Bonfire Brewing Company in Eagle.

“Our hearts are burdened by the loss of these three men. Their contributions through their work in local government and local businesses, as well as their personal passions and influence on the friends and family members they left behind, have helped shape society in ways that will last forever.” Eagle County and Town.


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