Sacramento County Vice President injured suspect was killed in a shootout


The Sacramento County deputy sheriff was injured and killed in a shootout in northern California, authorities said.

The 47-year-old MP, a 15-year-old veteran of the department, was taken by a fellow deputy to the hospital where the sergeant was staying and had no information about the extent of his injuries.

The shooting occurred shortly after 8:15 pm. In an apartment complex in Carmichael, about 10 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento. Rowe said one suspect died at the scene and the second was arrested.

The sheriff’s office, joined by the Sacramento and California Patrol police, searched the area until around midnight in search of other suspects. Meanwhile, residents have been urged to stay home.

“It’s definitely an active scene – it’s an active and ongoing investigation,” Rowe said. “We have several homicide investigators that we have here, and we have crime scene investigators who have taken over the scene to really try to find out what led to this accident.


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