A father hides his son in a secret warehouse at his 4-year-old home in Atlanta


Police found the 13-year-old boy, who was missing alive, locked up in a secret warehouse at his father’s house.

After the discovery of the child, police arrested five people from the apartment complex in the boy’s home in Jonesboro, south of Atlanta, and among those arrested was the boy’s father, according to police in Clayton County.

Police said that the child’s father had hidden him from view for four years behind a secret cutter in a clothes locker, which is impossible to discover, but recently the child was able to somehow obtain a phone and send a text message to his mother, and tell her about his whereabouts.

The mother called the policemen immediately, who came to the house in the evening, but they could not find out the whereabouts of the boy, forcing them to leave the area without finding the child.

Then the boy called his mother again, and told her about the secret cutter in the wardrobe, which made it easier for the police to find him the second time.

The 37-year-old father, named “Gregory Jean,” is facing charges of committing an act of cruelty against children and forced detention, and the son has disappeared from sight since he was visiting his father’s home 4 years ago, and although the child rarely left the house, Some neighbors confirmed that they had seen it on more than one occasion, but they did not see anything suspicious about it.

The police said that what facilitated the father’s hiding of his son during this period was that the mother, being an immigrant, did not know the proper procedures in such a case, and reported the disappearance of her son to the Child Protection Authority, which in turn did not inform the police, which helped the father to hide the child for so long.


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