2 Illinois men found dead in the home from the murder victims


Two men whose bodies were found in a fire-destroyed southern Illinois home were victims of a double homicide and that the fire was not an accident.

Firefighters found the bodies of Robert Andrews, 59, and Leonard “James” Ebrey, 67, inside their home in Godfrey Village in Madison County, just north of Alton.

The Main Case Squad of Greater St. Louis was called in after the state fire chief decided the fire was not an accident. Deputy Commander Brian Cuperna of the Grand Issues Squad said the autopsy had been completed but declined to discuss how the men had died.

Cuperna said investigators know that the deaths of Andrews and Ebrey were not “at all a suicide murder” and that someone else was responsible.

He said, “We are actively looking for someone who committed this crime and hope for justice for the family as a result.”

Andrews’ son, Robert Andrews Jr., told The Station that his father and Ebrey have been married for four years and live together at home. He said that when his father was married to his mother, they had four children, adopted 12 others and took care of about 70 adopted children.

“He loved his family through thick and thin.” Robert Andrews Jr. said, “You can do a lot of wrong in his eyes and he will love you unconditionally, and that was very much appreciated in our home.”


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