The death of a mother and three children at home in suspicious circumstances


A mother and her three children were found killed inside the family’s home, in what the police described as suspicious circumstances.

Local media reported that Katie Perinovic, 42, her two daughters Claire and Anna, ages 7 and 5, and her 3-year-old son Matthew, were discovered on a property in Melbourne, Australia.

The children’s father and woman’s husband, 48-year-old Tomislav Berenovi, was at the scene at the Tullamarine home with paramedics when the police arrived around 12:20 in the afternoon.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Robert Hill confirmed the death of the four family members in suspicious circumstances, describing the deaths as “heartbreaking.”

Representative Hill told reporters that it was a husband, wife and three children. The husband survived, and the wife and her three children died. The investigators do not believe that there are other parties involved at this stage. “

“We have one man who helps us with our inquiries and helps us alone. There was no other party … There is no other party we are seeking at this time.”

The police chief stressed that, “But we must not reach conclusions that this man may be responsible for this violation.” “We’re really healthy – we have a long way to go before we understand and appreciate exactly what happened.”

Police did not confirm the injuries sustained by the children and their mother, but were able to say that the 48-year-old was unharmed and called emergency services.

“I understand that the man at the address was the one who called the emergency services,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Mark Galliot told reporters.

Neighbors reminded the victims that they were kind and polite, and described the area as a place of peace and tranquility.

A neighbor said, “The kids were always well dressed, and [the mother] was always polite, and she was saying hello … really friendly.”

Tara Jenkins, who lives near the corner of Fisher Court, said she often sees the mother taking her kids to a nearby park. “She was [a] very loving mother,” Jenkins told The Age. “We were saying hello to each other while our kids were playing. She was always cheerful and really nice … just a pretty woman.”

Neighbor Mary Groves described the situation as “incomprehensible”.

“I’m still trying to remedy what happened,” she told the newspaper. “Katie was a very loving and passionate mother. The situation is incomprehensible to me … We always kept to play dates … She was here or we went to their place. Our daughters attended dance classes together. Katie did everything for these kids. She was very protective and wanted to … Always what’s best for them. “

Groves said the mother was a physical therapist who only recently returned to work after she took time off to care for her young son.

She added, “It is very close to home.” “These are the people who spend time in my house, my kids love theirs.”

Deputy Commissioner Hill said there is no history of family-related domestic violence.

He said, “This is a tragic event, and the loss of life is tragic in any circumstance, but when it comes to children, it is more painful.”

When asked whether it could be a case of murder and suicide, he said that there are “a number of possibilities and this is one.”

A crime scene has been set up Thursday afternoon and the murder squad is overseeing the investigation.

Victoria Police said they are not looking for anyone else regarding the deaths and the closest family members have been notified.

Deputy Commissioner Hill stressed: “I just want to make it clear that we are not – and should not – draw any conclusions at this point in time regarding what happened. We simply do not know.”

Acting Assistant Commissioner Mark Galliot said officers investigating the incident would be supported given the dire circumstances of the case.

“This will have long-term effects on the police who attend, on the extended family, the community, the neighborhood, the emergency services, and everyone else involved,” he said. “They will be lifelong memories and they will have to deal with it … so we will make sure that the well-being of our members and the emergency services that I attend are of the utmost importance.”

Several police cars and ambulances were at the site and it is expected that the authorities will be at the residence until the evening.


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