2 students at Texas A&M University Galveston found dead in unrelated accidents


The body of a missing Texas A&M student was found in Galveston this afternoon. This is the second student discovered dead from school in the past 24 hours. The death of two students a day apart from each other is a big deal for this small campus.

It was in a wooded area, where students sometimes go, North Texas A&M in Galveston, where students found Father Brandon Perlovsky’s missing car.

“We all went there last night around 7:78 and we were amazing, this is actually the car everybody’s talking about. So some guys called the police,” says TAMUG student Jacob Badough.

The police and search teams searched for Berlovsky well after dark and returned to him at dawn.

Berlovsky, a Naval Academy student, had not been seen since early evening. Then, at lunchtime, on Friday, his body was found.

“This morning we asked everyone to leave so that the Galveston and K9 police could arrive and do their job,” explains Patrick Zimmer, Director of Operations at the Naval Academy.

In what Galveston Police and Texas A&M campus officials call Galveston Marine Biology, 18-year-old Wesley Malerney was found dead in his residence after his parents called school officials asking them to take a welfare check.

“My parents are concerned about it as well because of the general concern for safety,” says TAMUG Freshman Sakari Kankainen. Galveston Police Chief says parents and students don’t have to worry.

President Vernon Hill says Malerney died of a pre-existing medical condition and he does not suspect a foul play in the death of Cadet Berlowski. “It’s sad that they lost their lives so early,” says TAMUG Freshman Seth Clark.

Berlovsky was due to graduate this year.


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