Woman wins nearly $200,000 with grandma’s lottery numbers


(UPI) — A North Carolina woman collected a $181,121 lottery jackpot using a special set of numbers that she inherited from her late grandmother.

Maria Moreno, of Newton Grove, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials that the numbers she chose for Cash 5 drawing were those her grandmother used to play in lottery drawings.

My grandma passed away two years ago and I played with her numbers,” Moreno said. “She gave me the good luck. I would take care of her and take her to the appointments and all that stuff. And one lady told me, ‘Now she’s blessing you, she’s taking care of you.'”

The ticket, purchased from Best Bet in Newton Grove, earned Moreno half of the $362,242 jackpot.

“I just can’t believe it,” she said. “I’m so lucky and I feel really, really happy.”

The winner said her family is making plans for the money.

“I have three kids and they all want their own rooms, so I’ll probably buy a house,” she said.


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