2 year-old Florida girl turns herself in to the police


Florida State Police have arrested a robbery suspect in a crowded parking lot.

Bealls officials reported a robbery in their shop, and told the police that the thieves had something like a pistol, so police officers used weapons while detaining suspects.

The arrest of the suspects was filmed on video, and its scenes show how a man was walking towards the police car while raising his hands up. Then a scene appeared that made the video spread like wildfire, and affected the hearts of its viewers.

The scenes show a two-year-old girl getting out of the truck, raising her hands, and walking slowly towards the police, imitating adults.

The rest of the moving video footage also shows the police who did not rush to remove the weapon aimed at the child coming towards them, as if she was giving herself up to them.

In the background of the video footage, you hear the voices of eyewitnesses. One of them said: “I went out and raised her hands. Oh my God, look at this … They are still pointing a weapon at the child.”

The Mirror newspaper reported that among the suspects were Chad Baum and James McKamalin, one of whom was the child’s father.

The video sparked a heated discussion on social media, due to the police carrying weapons in the face of the girl. However, the police representatives said that the officers handled the matter very carefully, so they posted the video on the Internet to confirm what happened, and to clarify the professionalism of the officers in dealing with the situation, and their sympathy for the presence of the children in the place.

After that, many of the protectors of the regime supported, and expressed their regret at what children sometimes go through, as happened with the child star of this video.


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