2 men found shot dead inside a store in Philadelphia


Authorities are investigating a double murder in North Philadelphia after police said a bystander discovered two men shot in the head inside a store.

Officers responded to the Trader at 3600 Block of Germantown Street shortly before 1 pm. After he received a call about two injured people.

Police say that a man in his 40s was shot twice in the face, while another man was shot in the head. Medics announced the death of the two victims.

The brother of one of the men who was injured in the shooting says that a phone call is something that no one wants. He only knew that his brother was Roy.

He said, “He was a good boy. Everyone loved my brother in Germantown. Everyone knew my brother for years. He’s worked there for years.”

Police did not immediately announce any arrests. Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fatal shooting.


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