Young man killed while playing Pokemon in San Francisco


A young man, Calvin Riley, 20, was shot dead by an unidentified man while playing Pokemon Go while in a densely populated park in San Francisco, California.

According to local police data, the young man while playing “Pokemon Go” in a park near the famous Guerrelli Square in San Francisco, an unknown person approached him and shot him with live bullets from the back and fled immediately.

According to the testimony of a relative of the deceased who was with Riley during the accident, “There was no confrontation and while Riley was playing an unknown foot and wanted him killed from the back for nothing, and he ran away.” And the witness added, “I noticed that someone was watching us from a distance in the garden. We were in it, but we did not give him any attention and we kept busy with our phones. “

The police stated that the perpetrator did not steal anything from Riley’s possessions, and the true reason and motive behind the killing is not known yet, as the police are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

It is noteworthy that a similar death incident occurred due to the game “Pokemon Go”, where the young Gerson Lopez, 18 years old, was killed after he broke into a house in Guatemala with his friend to search for the “Pokemon”.

The owner of the house thought that thieves had broken into his house to steal, so he shot them both, killing Gerson and wounding his friend.

It is noteworthy that the popularity of the game “Pokemon Go” has created dire consequences in daily life recently, as real estate owners have complained about pikmon players for trespassing on others’ property or damaging some property while they search for virtual creatures and capture them, not to mention that many of them were robbed and injured because of their involvement in a process. search.

Officials have warned of potential Pokemon Go game risks and unforeseen damage to players from this game.


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