Notre Dame Academy staffs are being vaccinated while other Toledo districts continue to wait


As K-12 employees in Ohio prepare to receive their first doses of COVID-19 vaccines, school workers in northwest Ohio will have to sit down in the first round.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says it’s because of the shots shortage.

“It is a logistical issue, as you imagine,” he said during a briefing.

Next week, 91,000 employees will receive their first dose.

Although not a single worker at a Northwest Ohio school is included in this number, about a hundred employees of Notre Dame Academy (NDA) still roll up their sleeves for a Moderna vaccine.

“97 vaccines have been given. We have 86% of our employees say they want to be vaccinated,” said Kim Grereot, president of the NDA.

Grilliott said NDA teamed up with Encompass Health after the Toledo Diocese encouraged Catholic schools to see if nearby health care providers wanted to give them a vaccine.

“We are really fortunate to be able to do so soon in the process.”

Although all the other areas in northwest Ohio are waiting to be shot, there is still hope.

DeWine says areas not included in the first round will be notified on Friday of their vaccination dates.

“We put the plan in this way to ensure that the provinces can vaccinate the largest possible number of people, as I said, in the shortest possible time.”

Six NDA employees have not yet been vaccinated, and the school is not sure if they will be able to get a dose. Those who got vaccinated will return to their second round on February 25.


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