The man was carrying a toy gun when the MPs killed him


State investigators said that a North Carolina man was carrying a toy gun when deputy sheriffs shot and killed him.

The Robson County sheriff’s office said lawmakers believed Matthew Oxenden, 46, of Red Springs, was pointing a gun at them when he was killed.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation was called in to consider the shooting, which is a record after a law enforcement officer shot someone.

According to the SBI, its crime scene operatives recovered a toy gun from the car that Oxenden was in.

The shooting came after MPs responded to a 911 call from a house in Pembroke. The sheriff’s office said Oxendine set fire to the car he was sitting in when the deputies arrived at the house, and while the deputies tried to persuade him to get out of the burning car, Oxendine told them he was carrying a gun and spent time in prison for police shooting.

Public Safety Department records show that Oxenden was convicted of assaulting a law enforcement officer with a firearm in 2008 and spent five appropriate years and months in prison.


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