4 dead, including a gunman, in Chicago shooting


Authorities said four people were killed, including the suspected gunman, and several others were wounded in a shooting attack in Chicago that ended in Evanston, Illinois.

Chicago police have identified the suspected gunman Jason Nightengale,, 32, who was killed during a shootout with police in Evanston, north of Chicago, which put an end to the shooting that began hours earlier.

The University of Chicago has identified one of the deceased victims as Yiran Van, a 30-year-old PhD holder. A student who came from China to study in the United States.

University president, Robert J. Zimmer and her dean, Ka Yi Si Li, said in a statement: “This sudden and unreasonable loss of life causes us unspeakable grief,” adding that the Fan family in China had been notified of his death. . “The university will soon share more about Yiran’s life as well as memorial information as soon as it becomes available.”

No other victims have been identified.

Chicago Police Chief David Brown told reporters during a news conference that the shooting started around 1:50 pm. In Chicago when Nightengale entered a garage, produced a firearm and opened fire, and hit Van in the head while he was sitting in his car. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Then Nightengale entered a nearby apartment building “randomly” at 2 pm. They opened fire, wounding a 77-year-old woman who was retrieving her mail in the head and a security guard sitting at the reception desk, Brown said, adding that the security guard was later pronounced dead while the woman was in critical condition in hospital.

After about 45 minutes, the gunman went to a second building where he pushed a man he knew on the 19th floor into an apartment where he demanded the keys to a red Toyota sedan for his victim, Brown said.

About an hour later, police said, Nightingale entered a convenience store, declared a burglary and shot a 20-year-old man in the head, later pronounced dead, an 81-year-old woman in the neck and again, who was listed in critical condition. .

After fleeing the store, Nightingale shot in the head a 15-year-old girl who was sitting in the back seat of a car her mother was driving, Brown said, adding that she was in critical condition.

Then Nightingale headed to Evanston where the police got a call from a man with a gun at a second store.

Evanston Police Chief Demetros Cook told reporters during a separate press conference that at the store, Nightengale announced that it was a burglary before the shooting, wounding no one, and then fled across the street to IHOP where he shot a woman in the head. She was taken to a local hospital. In critical condition.

Cook said the suspect then led police on a brief chase before the officers engaged Nightingale in a gun battle where he was beaten and killed.

In a statement, Evanston Mayor Stephen Hagerty thanked the police for their “swift response and heroic actions” that ended the shooting.

“While we are still learning more about the perpetrator, his motives and the total of the tragic events that took place,” he said

One thing is clear: had it not been for the courageous actions of Evanston and the Chicago Police, many innocent lives would have been lost, ”he said.“ My heart goes to the victims of this blind violence and their families. No words can repair the permanent damage this individual has caused. “


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