2 women shot dead in Louisiana


Two Louisiana women were shot dead at a home in Montegut, the Tribune Parish mayor’s office said.

Sheriff Tim Swennett identified the two victims as Hope Nettleton, 37, and Brittany Cormer, 34, both from Montegut.

He said, “They were both neighbors.” One of them was in the house where the accident happened. They were there at the same time. We are still trying to work on all the details. “

Representatives, investigators, and crime scene investigators responded around 10:20 PM.

The sheriff’s office said to investigate the shooting call.

They found the two women with gunshot wounds. Their deaths were announced shortly after.

He said that investigators are currently interviewing witnesses and checking nearby security videos in an effort to find the suspect.

“We are taking descriptions of vehicles and looking at a lot of surveillance cameras in the area to try to get as much information as possible,” Swennett said. “I have a lot of men who have been working hard on this since last night. It’s a very active investigation.”

So far, no arrests have been made.


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