Two discovered dead after SWAT stalemate in Central Austin


The Austin Police Department said two individuals were discovered dead after a SWAT circumstance that kept going over six hours at a specialist’s office in the 1900 square of West 35th Street in Central Austin.

Dr. Katherine Dodson and Dr. Bharat Narumanchi were discovered dead inside the structure from clear shot injuries. Apparently Dr. Narumanchi shot himself in the wake of shooting Dr. Dodson, as indicated by police.

As indicated by police, an emergency call came in around 4:30 p.m. about a man entering a specialist’s office in the 1900 square of West 35th Street with a firearm. At the point when police showed up they discovered somebody who had blockaded themselves inside and that is the point at which the SWAT group was brought in.

Five prisoners were at first taken, as per police. At the point when police showed up, four of those prisoners had the option to escape with just Dr. Dodson left inside.

The prisoners told officials that Dr. Narumanchi was furnished with a gun and what seemed, by all accounts, to be a shotgun and had two duffel packs.

In the wake of addressing observers, officials discovered that Dr. Narumanchi had been to this office seven days back and went after a pro bono position, which he was denied. Dr. Narumanchi was a pediatrician who was as of late determined to have terminal disease, as indicated by police.

Other than the recently referenced visit to this office there didn’t give off an impression of being any connection or other contact between Dr. Dodson and Dr. Narumanchi.

An observer disclosed to her everybody inside the clinical office had been abducted by the suspect, yet he let at any rate three individuals go right away.

At the point when I showed up on the scene, I saw a lady being accompanied by police out of the taped territory where she was met and embraced by a kid. Furthermore, that is the thing that we’ve been seeing in the course of recent hours: numerous individuals being left and given off to what we can just accept that are friends and family,” Ruiz detailed.

Prisoner arbitrators endeavored to connect with Dr. Narumanchi, without much of any result, as per police. After a few endeavors, it was chosen to make passage into the structure.

Austin Police SWAT officials entered the specialist’s office and discovered both Dr. Dodson and Dr. Narumanchi dead inside the structure from clear shot injuries at around 11:30 p.m.

The case is as yet under scrutiny. The Travis County Medical Examiner will direct an examination to decide the authority cause and way of death.


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