A man raped 100 y grandmother in her home


A man was found hiding under a 100-year-old grandmother’s bed, charged with rape.

The woman’s granddaughter heard strange noises coming from the OAP room and hurried to help.

Family members dragged Arja Biswas, 20, from under the woman’s bed and handed him over to the police.

The suspect was reportedly drunk when he was found in the home of an elderly woman in Chakolya village, West Bengal.

The alleged assault occurred while the victim was home alone.

The woman’s granddaughter, who did not give her name, said: “I heard strange noises, but when I looked through the window, I immediately called others for help when I saw my grandmother.”

Indian police arrested the suspect immediately and after a preliminary court hearing, he is now in judicial custody 14 days before another hearing takes place.

Biswas told reporters outside the court that he was under the influence of alcohol and did not know what to do.

The 100-year-old woman was hospitalized after the alleged accident but was discharged

Rupesh Kumar, a senior police officer, said, “She was sleeping alone in her house.

“The house was not closed due to the village culture.

Her family found the man when she screamed for help.

“When we arrived, we found Arga Biswas under the bed. The old woman’s family arrested him.”


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