2 dead, 2 wounded in Mississippi gunfire


Mississippi authorities said a gunman shot and killed two people and wounded a police officer, before being shot and arrested, on Walmart, north of Mississippi.

Desoto County Police Officer Bill Rasco, said the gunman was shot by Southaven police officers and taken to hospital in an unknown condition.

All of the people who died Tuesday morning were Walmart employees, according to a report. A report said one person was found dead in the store and another was found dead in the parking lot.

An officer was wounded in his bulletproof vest, and he was not seriously injured.

For clients and passers-by, the shooting turned a quiet morning into panic at the Walmart Supercentre in Southaven, a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee.

Carlos Odom, 35, said he would usually come to Walmart to visit his cousin, who works there, and was leaving at around 6:30 a.m. when he heard more than ten shots.

“When the cops were running to Walmart, we would hear more gunshots,” Odom said. “After that, it stopped.”

Odom added that he ran to the parking lot and later spoke on the phone with his cousin, who told him that one of the victims was an employee, and that the gunman was working there as well.

Phil Cox, 70, said he just bought a nasal spray and was in the parking lot when he thought he heard gunfire, and then saw a man running into the store. He had reached his truck to leave as the police began arriving.

Everything was crazy at that point, said Cox, expressing sympathy for the staff.

It’s hard to believe what happened here, but it seems to be happening everywhere. “

The Walmart is located in a large shopping complex at a busy exit off Interstate 55 in Southhaven, a suburb of 55,000 people just south of the state line from Memphis, Tennessee.

A heavy police presence surrounded the store, with much of the car park closed by the yellow crime tape. Reporters saw employees gather in a circle, praying after the shooting, while police continued to storm the place.

A woman at Southaven Police Department said, “We have ongoing emergencies” and no one was there to provide the information.

Walmart did not immediately respond to phone calls and online requests for information.


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