2 killed and others wounded in Texas shooting


Two people were killed and others injured in a shooting accident in Texas.

The Associated Press reported that a police officer in Harris County, near Houston, said that a group of Hispanic youths were filming a music video in a parking lot when unknown assailants began shooting at them, killing two people and wounding others.

He added that the police cordoned off one of the entrances to the shopping center, noting that the search is currently underway for at least one suspect carrying a firearm.

He stated that he could not confirm precisely the number of people who took part in the shooting, adding that details about the person killed in the shooting were not immediately available.

He explained that this is the second time that shooting took place inside the shopping center itself during the current month, when a boy was injured in a shooting.

The accident comes after a person was killed in a shooting inside a shopping mall in Denver, Colorado.


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