14 dead in California shooting


14 people were killed in a new shooting incident in California, and federal officials did not rule out that it was a result of a terrorist attack at a time when the US President called for tightening restrictions on weapons possession.

So far, the San Bernardino County police official said in a press conference that we have up to 14 people who have died, and 14 others injured, pointing out that the police are pursuing at least three suspects who are reported by eyewitnesses that they have long rifles.

The district police department also confirmed, via the same social media site, that there was shooting at the intersection of Orange Show Waterman Avenue near the Park Center and asked the public to stay away from the area, adding that there were between one and three suspects.

CNN reported that the shooting took place in the “Inland” Regional Center, a center specialized in caring for people with special needs.

According to its Facebook page, the center includes approximately 670 employees, distributed in its two branches in the suburbs of San Bernardino and Riverside, and provides its services to more than 30,200 people.

The police spokeswoman confirmed that the authorities exchanged fire with at least two suspects, and added that one of them was injured during the exchange of fire with the police, without confirming his death, while another is believed to be at large.

However, the police chief confirmed, “the suspects were shot dead by the police, and a policeman was injured during the exchange of fire, and his condition was described as not serious.

“At this time, I know that one of the questions that preoccupies you right now is, is this an act of terrorism? … I inform you that as of now, we do not know if it is an act of terrorism,” Assistant Director of the FBI in Los Angeles, David Boditch, told reporters. .

For his part, the US White House stated that President was aware of the circumstances of the accident, and ordered all necessary measures to be taken to help the citizens there.


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