6 dead, including a police officer, in New Jersey shooting


The Hudson County Attorney’s Office said a police officer was killed and two others injured in a shooting accident in New Jersey

“The Coast Guard commander confirms that a police officer was shot dead in Jersey City. Two other officers and a civilian were also shot, but they are in stable condition,” the statement said.

According to NBC News, at least 6 people were killed in Jersey City, including a police officer.

New Jersey Police said earlier that police officers were shot in an encounter with heavy gunfire in the Jersey City neighborhood.

The nearby Sacred Heart school closed, but all staff and students were safe, according to a statement from Newark Parish.

Heavy shooting occurred sporadically at least over an hour along a main road, but it subsided.

Rapid response teams, state police, and federal agents responded and came to the site, and police sealed off the area, in addition to the school, some stores, a supermarket and a hairdresser.

FBI spokeswoman Patty Hartman said more than one officer had been shot, but she was unable to provide any further information.


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