2 dead after shooting at a California distribution center


 Authorities said a man broke into a distribution center in Northern California and began shooting people on Saturday afternoon, killing an employee and wounding four others, before police killed him.

The shooting started by a 31-year-old man with a semi-automatic rifle around 3:30 pm. At Walmart Distribution Center south of Red Bluff, a city of about 14,000 people 131 miles (210 kilometers) north of Sacramento, California.

The assistant sheriff of Tihama County, Phil Johnston, told a news conference that the shooter flew in the parking lot four times before crashing into the building and firing the rifle.

Red Bluff Police officers shot and killed the suspect.

Johnston said the employee who died was Martin Harrow Lozano, 45, from Orlando, California.

Officials did not specify the shooter, but Johnston said he has a history with the Red Bluff workplace.

Spokeswoman Alison Hendrickson told The Associated Press that the victims were taken to St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff. It confirmed the transfer of four to hospital but refused to give further details.

Employees said that some of the 200 workers inside the facility locked themselves in a room.

He said that the suspect was shot in the chest around 3:45 pm.

Scott Thamakante, an employee at the facility’s receiving center, told him that he had heard gunfire.

“It continued and continued – I don’t even know how many times he was shot,” said Thamakhneti. “I know it was too much.”

Tamakhanti and others said they started running for their lives, and he saw people lying on the ground as he went.

Fellow employee Franklin Lester told the New York Times that he was just getting started when a co-worker ran into the hallway shouting, “Active fire! Active shooter!”

Vince Crick said his wife and son worked at the facility and was on his way to pick up his wife when he saw the flames. The newspaper stated that he was unharmed, but his wife asked him not to come to the front entrance.

“It was real crazy,” Crick said, “because, you know, you can’t do anything.”

He said at least one woman was shot. The senders said that a man also reported that his leg had been run over when the shooter collided with a car into the building, but the man was not sure if he had been hit by a bullet.


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